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Session Heating Up As Committee Activity Increases

Session Heating Up As Committee Activity Increases

There will be just 22 scheduled session days remaining until the anticipated June 19 adjournment. Legislative committees are gearing up for the final push.  Legislation of interest that was on the committee agendas include:

  • Assembly Judiciary Committee: A.5619 (Weinstein)/S.5160 (Kavanagh) would provide that a defense of lack of standing in a foreclosure action is not waived because of the defendant’s failure to raise such a defense in his or her responsive pleading.
  • Assembly Consumer Protection Committee: A.5635 (DenDekker)/S.133 (Carlucci) was introduced at the request of the Attorney General. It would expand the current data breach notification requirements to include biometric data, credit and debit cards, and emails with passwords/security questions. It also includes a limited exemption for banks which notify of breaches under the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) to avoid duplicate obligations.
  • Assembly Banks Committee: A.1931 (Zebrowski)/S.982 (Breslin) would mandate banking institutions that maintain checking accounts for customers to pay checks in the order received within the account balance.
  • Senate Judiciary Committee: A.5622 (Weinstein)/S.4236 (Hoylman) – which has passed the Assembly – would modernize the state’s creditor laws by enacting the “Uniform Voidable Transactions Act” This bill has already passed the Assembly.

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