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Senate Committee Chairmanships Of Interest To Community Banks

Senate Committee Chairmanships of Interest to Community Banks

*Photo Above:
Top from left to right: James Sanders, Liz Krueger, Brad Hoylman & James Gaughran
Middle from left to right:
Kevin Thomas, Leroy Comrie & Jen Metzger
Bottom from left to right:
Brian Kavanaugh & Neil Breslin

With the new year comes a new State Senate. Various chairmanships have changed with the new Democratic majority, Important chairmanships that are essential to the community banking industry are: 

  • Banks (James Sanders, D- Queens)
  • Finance (Liz Krueger, D-Manhattan)
  • Judiciary (Brad Hoylman, D-Manhattan)
  • Local Government (James Gaughran, D-Nassau/Suffolk Counties)
  • Consumer Protection (Kevin Thomas, D-Nassau County)
  • Corporations (Leroy Comrie, D-Queens)
  • Agriculture (Jen Metzger, D-Hudson Valley)
  • Housing (Brian Kavanaugh, D-Brooklyn/Manhattan)
  • Insurance (Neil Breslin, D-Albany)

View the full listing of all new State Senate committee chairs.

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