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Donate an Item to the 2019 PAC Silent Auction!
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What is the PAC Silent Auction?

The PAC Silent Auction supports NYSIBPACIBANYS’ state political action committee. NYSIBPAC contributes to New York State candidates and officials who understand and support the vital role community banks play in our local and state economies.

By donating a gift you are not only supporting the industry, but you’re also utilizing an exciting and creative opportunity to communicate to others what your organization and local community are all about. Items from your local region such as wine, food, tickets to special events, art, etc. convey what is unique and exclusive to your area: what makes your community, your community.

How Do You Donate?

You can donate a gift to the auction in various ways. The gift donation is not tax deductible. Nationally-chartered banks must donate through a holding company, an individual officer, or a director. State-chartered banks may donate directly or through the holding company. To view full donation details, including a list of donation suggestions, visit the PAC Silent Auction page of our 2019 Annual Convention.

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The purpose of New York State Independent Bankers Political Action Committee is to sustain an ongoing program for funding certain necessary state political contributions which cannot be legally met through the regular budget of the Independent Bankers Association of New York State.

A political action committee allows like-minded organization and individuals the opportunity to pool their resources and to contribute to elected officials whose support is needed to further the PAC’s objectives.

NYSIBPAC is completely voluntary and is independent of any political party, candidate, or organization.

How Does It Work?

Contributions to NYSIBPAC are used to support the election campaigns of individuals who support community-based banking and who share an interest in improving the business climate for independent banks in New York.

The distribution of funds from NYSIBPAC is limited to candidates for New York State offices.

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