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In collaboration with ICBA’s education department, ICBA Education, certification programs, seminars, online training, and a host of resources are now available on our website, making it easier for you to find needed education. The new Affiliate Education Program will ensure that collectively, we put community banks in contact with the training tools necessary to grow bankers’ knowledge and skills.

Additionally, the program will also support IBANYS for every ICBA training course, seminar, event registration and resource purchased, ICBA will donate 10 percent of eligible purchases to IBANYS.

Let’s all win by increasing knowledge, improving efficiency, and investing in our employees while working together to uplift the industry we love—community banking!

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Seminars & Certification Institutes

NEW: Commercial Loan Processor Seminar


Move through each step of the credit approval process—from prospecting to post close monitoring. Gain an understanding of the required information for the loan request and how the information is used, basic analysis to assist in pre-qualification, documentation, and learn the various types of loans and their use.

Loan Review Seminar


The loan review process is critical to the success of any community bank. This process must be structured and requires policies and procedures to ensure timely identification of problem credits, asset quality, and accuracy. The process must also include well-defined classification guidelines to ensure consistent loan ratings.

Advanced Loan Review Seminar


This advanced session builds on the materials presented in the Loan Review Seminar to take your analysis skills to the next level. Learn about the common loan level challenges, such as the intricacies of computing global cash flows for businesses and their guarantors.

Call Report Seminar


In an ever-changing regulatory and accounting environment, it is important that call report preparers and reviewers remain up to date. Attend this seminar for a detailed discussion of each call report schedule as well as the real-life challenges of completing an accurate call report.

Advanced Call Report Seminar


The regulatory reporting burden faced by community banks today is stronger than ever. As the complexity of the call report and Federal Reserve reports continue to increase, even experienced bankers often have questions about the nuances of these filings.

Enhancing Organizational Value Conference

MAY 9—10, 2024 | In-person EVENT, San Antonio, TX

Description and weblink coming soon!

Financial Statement Analysis Seminar


Assessing creditworthiness of a borrower is about information. This course focuses on the critical issues arising through preparation of financial statements by the borrower, the role of accountants, the calculation of key ratios, and the use of financial statements in the credit decision process.

Cash Flow Analysis Seminar


Only cash can repay loans. To effectively conduct a complete credit analysis, the sources, and uses of cash in the business must be understood. Ground yourself in the mechanics of constructing business cash flow statements and their use of credit analysis.

NEW: Bank Credit Portfolio Management for Senior Managers Seminar


Essential for anyone who oversees their bank’s credit portfolio. The foundation for effectively managing your bank’s credit portfolio is understanding your bank’s core credit priorities and recognizing the credit culture that is needed and maintained in your bank.

NEW: Credit Portfolio Management for Bankers Seminar


For individual bankers and lenders, taking ownership of their portfolio is essential to success. This includes being able to communicate the level of credit risk in their individual portfolio, monitoring their portfolio and uncovering ways to recognize the early indicators of change in the portfolio to be able to react quickly and appropriately.

Community Bank Human Resources Seminar

JUN 11 – JUN 13, 2024 | In-person EVENT, San Antonio, TX

Today’s modern workplace is transforming the role of the community bank human resources (HR) professional. People management and responsible administration is key for all HR professionals. Whether you are a seasoned HR professional, or you have recently taken on the role, gain the necessary information to handle the most important legal and emerging issues at your bank. Review critical HR requirements that all community bank HR professionals must know. Leave with practical advice, guidance, and key strategies to ensure effective and compliant management of employee and employer requirements.

Analyzing Your Bank’s Financial Statement


Understanding the financial performance of your bank is crucial in leading a high performing organization. This course assesses how the marketplace is affecting the bank and how bank management is in turn responding. One must understand this relationship to create accurate financial statements.

Commercial Real Estate Lending Seminar


Real estate lending is often the most difficult type of lending to do correctly. There are numerous challenges in financing real estate, not the least of which is understanding the various types of real estate and the embedded risk. This seminar walks through underwriting and structure of construction financing, investment real estate, owner occupied real estate, multifamily, residential development, as well as specialty use.

Community Bank Marketing Seminar

SEP TBD – SEP TBD, 2024 | In-person EVENT, location TBD

Retail wars, digital transformation, and customer demand are dramatically changing the landscape of community banking. To succeed in the competitive marketplace, community bank marketers and retail teams must be savvy, forward-thinking, and implement game-changing strategies. Participate in three engaging days packed with critical information to propel a bank to the next level.

Dates & weblink coming soon!

Community Bank Treasury Management Seminar


Community banks seek ways to boost core deposits and non-interest income and Treasury Management is the key. Learn how your bank’s business teams can collaborate to sell business products and services to meet this goal.

Advanced IT Seminar


Is your community bank prepared to manage the increasing threats and exposures to your IT infrastructure? To succeed in today’s fast-paced environment, financial institutions need to constantly evolve.

Auditing IT General Controls Seminar

OCT 1 – OCT 2, 2024 | LIVESTREAM

Banks conduct audits on an ongoing basis to monitor their bank’s internal controls and ensure adequacy and compliance with their bank’s policies and procedures. The audit scope should include an in-depth review of IT and information security controls and operating procedures that help protect the institution from losses. Join us for this session as we cover the areas of auditing business risks, technical environment auditing, auditing the human element and overall governance.


Audit Certification (CCBIA)

Bank Security Certification (CCBSO)

BSA/AML Certification (CBAP)

Commercial Lending Certification (CCLO)

Compliance Certification (CCBCO)

Consumer Lending Certification (CCBCL)

Credit Analyst Certification (CCBCA)

Information Technology Certification (CCBTO)

Risk Management Certification (CCBRS)

Publications/Reference Guides

Bank Policies

Alleviate the tedious task of developing bank policies from scratch. These policies provide a quick reference with thorough, easy-to-read instructions to guide your bank through the policy development or revision process.

There are over 100 policies available, covering everything from compliance to lending and social media. Policies are provided in an editable Word document, so you can quickly customize these policies to work for your bank.

The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors

The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors provides bank directors with the knowledge and insight necessary for performing their fiduciary responsibilities conscientiously and effectively. This is a must read for every board member or bank executive aspiring to become a director.

Bank Director Glossary

Bank Director Glossary contains more than 200 pages of customary terms used by regulators, executive officers, industry consultants, and attorneys including the latest financial regulations and industry terminology every director needs to understand.

Bank Director Video Series

The Bank Director Video Series features 7 different presentations that vary from 14-20 minutes in length. These can be used during board meetings, for annual training, new director training or topic refreshers.

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