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Cuomo In Chairs Of National Governors Association

Cuomo In Chairs Of National Governors Association

Governor Cuomo was elected vice chairman of the National Governors Association (NGA) last week, taking on a more prominent national profile with the bipartisan organization.  He is in line to chair the association in 2020, an even more prominent presence in a presidential election year. The newly elected NGA Chairman  for the current year is Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland.  In a speech at the NGA’s summer meeting in Salt Lake City, Cuomo said governors and state governments are being looked to with Washington in a “state of political paralysis. . . We have to keep the lights on, we have to balance a budget, and we to respond to daily needs. Governors cannot filibuster to solve opioid epidemic.  We cannot take a recess to educate a child. And we can’t rely on a parliamentary point of order top build the road. Governors must deliver.” 

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