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Associate Member Application

We encourage any interested business to submit an application for Associate Membership. As an Associate Member, you will have access to our member banks and some of the top community banking executives in New York state. You’ll also have the opportunity to get your name out there, statewide, using a variety of advertising, sponsorships, and partnerships with IBANYS. Receive up-to-the-minute communications regarding the latest Government Relations and Legislative initiatives IBANYS implements through our weekly newsletter, web updates, direct mailings.

Stay ahead of the competition, and stay at the top of your game. Apply for an Associate Membership today. Cost is $750 per year.

Click here to download an Associate Membership Application form: Associate Membership Application

Email completed application forms to Linda Gregware, director of Administration & Membership Services, at

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and a member of the IBANYS staff will contact you regarding payment options.

If you have any questions about membership at the Associate or any level, please contact John Witkowski at

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